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Lose up to 10kg/22Ib in just 
8 short weeks and keep it off!
What Is The Ketogenic Switch?
The Ketogenic Switch (TKS) is a best selling wholefoods weight loss and mindset program developed by leading women's weight loss coach, Deborah Murtagh.
What You Get When You Join...
  • 23 years of Deborah's life, learnings, and love presented in a way that ensures a successful mind/body transformation to lasting weight loss.
  • ​Over 80 inspiring high quality recorded video and audio lessons
  • ​A beautiful downloadable diet and eating guide detailing exactly what to eat and when, foods to avoid, supplements and everything you need to know to lose weight, attain vibrant health and feel fantastic  
  • ​An incredible downloadable mindset guide showing you how to promote self-love, embrace the inner coach and merge mind and body for lasting weight loss   
  • ​An extensive library covering the scientific, inspirational and physiological facets of the program
  • ​A detailed guide on exactly how to eat long term after you reach your ideal weight  
  • ​You will be able to log in and access the content anywhere from any device, mobile or desktop
Brought To You By Deborah Murtagh
Deborah Murtagh is a world-renowned weight loss coach specializing in science-based nutritional coaching for reversing menopause and hormonal imbalances to restore optimal health and vibrance. Deborah has inspired thousands of people to see that real healthy food is totally delicious and simple to prepare. She teaches students in over 48 countries how to nourish the body with natural, traditional wholefoods through online trainings and seminars, sharing her own story and struggle of how she overcame her weight issues and transformed her body and health.
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2000 kg
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